MALABAR, Northern Kerala
MALABAR, Northern Kerala

MALABAR, Northern Kerala

A silent and free coast in Malabar with the faint sounds of cormorants, heron and the crashing of waves overlapping the Arabian Sea. Walk along an untouched shoreline while gazing at the fishing boats emerging from the horizon and a dense, green of coconut thicket with a still and placid lagoon to add to the landscape. The calm and peace in this part of Northern Kerala ensures mindfulness and cleansing of the spirit. Neeleshwar Hermitage, truly for the rest of your life!

Neeleshwar itself has quite a lot to offer from its spiritual religious culture and local life, to breathtaking landscapes of the undiscovered backwaters in this part of Kerala, unblemished from the busy city life.

The wellness boutique dwells on an Ayurvedic approach which gives you the opportunity to repose yourself physically and spiritually with the Hermitages Ayurvedic expert, Dr. Suma’s guidance on a natural and salutary way of life. Ayurveda is a centuries old traditional method of natural medicine developed in the medieval period in India.

In addition, the owners have created employment and many job opportunities in the area for the locals, and continue such ethical practices by promoting local fishermen and other businesses by purchasing the fresh, first catch of the day to be served to the guests.

Coming to the Hermitages Infinite Pool: a place where you would want to spend your evening watching the sun dip into the sea, as the giant leaves of the coconut grove ruffle against each other creating easing music with the woosh of crashing waves.

I remember taking a good, long walk in the local market in Kanhangad nearby and can still smell the fresh herbs and spices in the air with the usual buzz as customers bargain with the shopkeepers selling fruits and vegetables. As I went further I saw a lot of beautiful hand made ornaments and furniture with Shiva, Ganesha, and Lakshmi carved on them as done in a traditional style by most craftsmen in Kerala and other parts of South India.

About a 10 minute drive from Neeleshwar Hermitage is the Lotus Houseboat in River Thejaswini. The Hermitage offers a days cruise along these calm backwaters with nothing but a thick forest line along the banks and a long curvy stretch of the Thejaswini ahead with a magnificent sunset that gives the sky a deep orange makeover,  and the Anamalai Hills on the other side while you enjoy a candle light dinner on the deck of the Lotus. There are a few stops you can make while onboard, to the villages on the riverbank, coir factories and fishing villages just a minutes walk away from the port.

Many other trips from Neeleshwar Hermitage like cycling, trekking, hillside villages and coastal fishing villages offer great landscapes and to experience the local life, culture and visiting festivals like Theyyam: the ritual dance starting early in the morning, adds to the need to visit this contemporary boutique in this part of Northern Kerala.


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"On the unexplored northern part of the Malabar coast and flanked by a freshwater lagoon is this near-perfect heaven of peace and pampering. The cottages are designed and built along the traditional fisherman's thatched huts but each on with enough comforts to keep a five-star groupie enthralled."
Country & Town House Magazine (UK)