New Beginning
New Beginning

New Beginning

First of all, we would like to wish all our readers a Healthy, Happy and Successful New Year! 

As the month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was two-headed - facing backwards to the old year and gazing forward into the new – it seems appropriate to follow his lead in reviewing the state of play at ABChapri Retreats. Eleven years on, the world may still be an unpredictable place, but here we are all determined that one thing you will be able to count on, is enjoying our very special attention for many decades to come. Thank you for supporting our vision, you are very much part of it.


The Kerala Experience
Unfolds in a land of spice plantations, tea gardens and coffee estates, tranquil backwaters and pristine beaches. This journey moves from the lush rolling hills of Wayanad, on to the enchanting tranquil backwaters of northern Kerala and ends at the palm-fringed Malabar Coast of the Arabian Sea. It has been carefully designed to offer a unique and flavoursome taste of Southern India’s best kept secrets.

The Kashmir Experience
Is set in a land of mirror-calm lakes reflecting misty mountains, alpine valleys overlooked by snowy peaks and dotted with paradise gardens and atmospheric architecture. We begin in the ancient trading city of Srinagar and journey to the flower-filled Sonmarg Valley, famed for its trekking trails and traditional mountain villages set in beautiful unspoiled surroundings. The trip offers a memorable experience of this enchanting region of the Indian Himalayas.

Sukoon features in House and GardenNovember issue and also in Glorious Hotels of India by Cosmo Samuel Brockway & Harriett Campston, "It is  hard to get more romantic then Sukoon, a boutique, eco-friendly houseboat”.

This is a great achievement for us and thank you all for your trust and support in our vision to create the only eco-boutique houseboat in Kashmir.

All our adventures are nourished by the delicious local food, and they include special trips out from our luxurious accommodation, such as birding excursions accompanied by experts and village walks to allow us to meet and experience the local people and their daily culture.

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"On the unexplored northern part of the Malabar coast and flanked by a freshwater lagoon is this near-perfect heaven of peace and pampering. The cottages are designed and built along the traditional fisherman's thatched huts but each on with enough comforts to keep a five-star groupie enthralled."
Country & Town House Magazine (UK)