News & Updates

News & Updates

COVID-19 Update

Free Cancellations and Amendments

As we resume our operations. We understand these are uncertain times and you may need to change your plans at a short notice, this is why we are offering free cancellations and amendments right up to your day of arrival.

Looking Ahead

As the time slowly approaches for a return to some, albeit greatly adapted, form of normality in the travel world, we at ABChapri Retreats would like to let you know how we are planning for the happy event of welcoming guests once more.


Our cars will be properly sanitised before arrival at the airport/railway station to pick guests up and transfer them to the hotel. A hand sanitiser and good quality cotton facemask will be provided for guests. Until the situation improves, the journey from pick-up point to the hotel will be non-stop.

Arrival at the Hotel/ Houseboat:

1) We will have a ‘temperature gun’ in Reception to enable us closely to monitor each guest, staff member and member of the public (e.g. food deliverers, tradesmen) who enters the premises.

2) Hand sanitizers will be not only available but compulsory for each and every incomer to use. These will be available not only at the time of entry for guests but in rooms and public areas throughout the day for them to use whenever they wish.

3) Our cleanliness regime was already very stringent, using only natural products to conform to the eco-friendly standards we have set ourselves. However, as per the new guidelines set by the local authorities, we will now be using all disinfecting material to sanitise all the cottages, bathrooms, restaurants and public areas.

4) Shoes will not be allowed inside the cottages, restaurants, etc. This is a custom we have always gently encouraged, to follow the Indian tradition, but it will now be compulsory. Each cottage at Neeleshwar Hermitage has a tap outside the veranda to facilitate footwashing.

5) Before entering Priya, our Ayurvedic Clinic at Neeleshwar Hermitage, people will have to wash their feet with disinfecting water which will be at the entrance in a copper vessel. Likewise, hands will be sanitised and temperature will be checked before entering the facility.

6) Immunity drinks will be available in the rooms/ cottages and public areas at all times, on a complimentary basis. These drinks are created by our chefs in consultation with our Ayurvedic Doctor. When guests leave the hotel, they are welcome to take a printed booklet home with them, which will contain recipes for drinks and food as well as lifestyle tips, to ensure continued good health and maximum immunity.

7) In order to maintain social distancing whilst at the hotel or houseboat, guests will be encouraged to enjoy a quiet time of rest and relaxation and discouraged from leaving the premises for sightseeing trips. Walks on the beach in Kerala and Shikara ride in Kashmir will be permitted as long as social distancing is maintained.

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