Sukoon Safari & Walks

Bespoke safaris’ for the discerning traveller: innovative trekking and luxurious camping in the peace and awe inspiring beauty of the Kashmiri Himalayas

Sukoon Safaris have combined three generations of experience and knowledge to design the ultimate walking and camping tour of the undiscovered hills and valleys of the picture perfect Kashmiri Himalayas.

Enjoy the blissful tranquility of nomadic life in the great wide open amongst dramatic alpine landscapes, tumbling rivers, abundant nature and fascinating tribal culture.

Treks are tailored to individual’s desires and are carefully curated to lead guests on a journey of exploration through a Kashmir untouched by the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

And at the end of the day a luxurious camp awaits, pitched with an idyllic view and every conceivable comfort in mind. Large tents are furnished with flair; embroidered rugs, vintage trunks and most importantly pucker beds. In the evening, after a welcome hot shower, gather around the campfire for leisurely drinks and the sounds and songs of local musicians and indulge in gourmet dinners whilst spotting shooting stars blazing their path through the dark night sky.


Sukoon Mahadev Climb

Sukoon Old City Walk

Sukoon Water Safari

The Aru Valley Walk and Camp

The Sukoon Experience

The Zabarwan Climb

“A perfect distillation of what so many Westerners from E. M. Forster and Allen Ginsberg to the Beatels, have come to India in an attempt to find: an escape from the pressures and frenzied pace of life"
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