Come and celebrate with ABChapri Retreats in Kerala and Kashmir.


All of us can remember where we were for a special occasion or when we heard some particularly important piece of news. Locations and life-events are inextricably connected, and the right location can not only stimulate and inspire very precious experiences but seed memories that can nourish us for a lifetime.

So, whether it's that special birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or a happy festivity with friends and family, ABChapri Retreats serves as the perfect backdrop for those precious milestones on the journey of life.



Physically, our properties specialise in locally inspired and executed design and materials, with the whole set within surroundings of natural and unspoilt beauty.



Aesthetically, we aim to combine beauty, functionality and spiritual ambience. Luxury for us is not deep carpets, golden chandeliers and acres of marble, but sensitivity to the healing power of spaciousness, environment and silence, so as to unfold the infinite depth of the present moment.



Emotionally, we offer healing attention and unobtrusive nurturing from a well-trained team who comprise the Hermitage family and into which the guest is warmly and genuinely welcomed. Their unobtrusive ministering transports the visitor into a serene space where every moment can be enjoyed to its fullest, without distraction or disturbance.


Specific holistic technologies of wellbeing – yoga , meditation, ayurvedic treatments - are also on offer. These cater for those guests who are looking to release the stresses accumulated from a busy life, recharge their life-force, and re-orientate themselves towards a more positive future.

After a time of enforced global restriction, 2023 is the Year of New Beginnings!

So whatever you are looking to celebrate, come and enjoy it with us in the unique world that is ABChapri Retreats. We very much look forward to welcoming you.


Reaching Us

Nearest Airport: Kannur, (daily flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore) then a 90 min transfer to the hotel in one of our cars.
Nearest Railway Station: Nileshwar, 6kms from the hotel.
From Bangalore: Distance by road is 360 kms, a 7/ 8 hour drive (including stops) through the breathtaking scenery of the Western Ghats, surrounded by gentle hillside slopes with tea and coffee gardens, spice plantations and virgin forests.


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